A gift of yoga – to people in prison

For the last couple of months I’ve been teaching a weekly yoga class to men coming towards the end of long prison sentences. Some were introduced to yoga in prison – for others this lunchtime session in probation service hostel is their first yoga experience. The class is about an hour long and usually starts […]

What silence did to my mind

Earlier this month I spent a weekend in complete silence. From Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon I spoke to no one. No catch-ups with friends or family; no shouting at the TV, or the kids; no embarrassed small-talk with strangers; not even any hellos or thank-yous. And it wasn’t just real chat I abstained […]

Why meditation is easy, hard – and worth it

I once asked my inspirational yoga teacher Judith Lasater what would be her best advice for surviving the challenges of parenthood. Without missing a beat, she answered: “meditate”. Now, after nearly three years of trying – and mainly failing – to put this advice into practice, I’m going to share what (fingers crossed) may now have […]

Brixton Yogathon – we did it!

It took over three hours, but we did it: 108 sun salutations on a bright Sunday morning raising money for the Prison Phoenix Trust, which supports yoga and meditation in prisons. Thirteen of us – a mixture of yoga students and teachers – took part, dividing the 108 into nine sets of 12 rounds. Different […]

The yoga teacher from death row

Today, yoga teacher Sunny Jacobs is a smiley, sweet-voiced 63-year-old woman , who walks with a slight limp (the result of a car accident) and lives quietly in Ireland with her partner, a brood of dogs, cats, chickens and goats and a prolific vegetable garden. It’s a long way from the Florida jail where she […]