Smashing X-boxes – and other tales of living with teens

This is what an Xbox looks like after it’s been dropped from a first floor window. It happened a year ago and it wasn’t my finest parenting moment. In fact, it was the culmination of years of frustration at the grip of computer gaming on my sons – who were then aged 15 and 13 […]

The ultimate yoga challenge – become a parent!

Can you do a headstand? Wrap your leg behind your ear? Survive a sweaty hour of dynamic yoga in 40 degrees of heat? Sorry, I’m not impressed. For me, the ulltimate yoga challenge is when you become a parent. If, through the blur of sleepless nights, depleted energy and sheer lack of time to even […]

In the middle of a family meltdown, can you find bliss?

In the middle of a busy day at work or looking after kids, “bliss” can seem a long way off. When I’m juggling the competing demands of several little people at once, trying to cook a meal, keep the house reasonably tidy and catch up with emails – all within the same hour or two, […]

Fun for a day – with no computer, wii or TV

30-plus ideas for a screen-free day indoors My children’s addiction to screens – computer, Wii and television – is a frequent source of conflict in our house. It’s all they want to do. And although I don’t want them to be screen addicts, I know their addiction is largely my fault as I’ve used screens […]

What to do about my wine habit?

What to do about my wine habit? For decades it’s been my default reaction to stress. Nervous about meeting new people at a party? Have a little drink. Exhausted after a challenging day at work? Unwind to the sound of cork unscrewing. Upset and angry? Drown my sorrows. I’ve practised them all. It’s a well-established […]

A crap mum’s top tips

First, the disclaimer: I find being a parent hard. It doesn’t come easily and I seem to be a slow learner. My kids are nearly 6 and nearly 8 and here are the top tips I wish I’d been quicker to learn: 1. Chocolate is heroin. We managed to keep our eldest unaware of the existence […]