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What students say about Yoga with Chris

Yoga retreat reviews Yoga class reviews

"Hi Chris, thankyou for a lovely weekend, I had a great time and feel rejuvenated and ready to face the winter months. I am also determined to do more yoga and your 10 minute download will be really helpful with this."

Becky, Derbyshire 2019

"Thank you so much for a truly restorative and eye opening weekend.I will definitely be seeing you again next year."

Ginny, Derbyshire 2019

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can you count me in for next November at Braziers Park. Thanks for the downloads and sheets really helpful."

Nicola, Derbyshire 2019

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed the yoga and the walks."

Louise, Derbyshire 2019

"Thank you Chris, as always I enjoyed your style of yoga with your gentle voice and feel very much better for coming."

Enid, September 2019

"A wonderful retreat centre - a place to treasure - with excellent yoga and meditation. Chris is a thoughtful and knowledgable teacher."

Jenny, September 2019

"My first yoga retreat and I loved it - I will definitely be back next year. Thank you."

Terri, September 2019

"So friendly, peaceful - a real break from everyday life - Braziers Park is the perfect place for great yoga and meditation. Chris has a great manner - very soothing, professional and personable. Keep doing what you do!"

Jo, September 2019

"Chris is calm, passionate, knowledgable, nurturing and I feel thoroughly relaxed. She is open to suggestions and adapts practice to the needs of clients. A great introduction to restorative yoga and embodied yoga principles."

Tizzy and friends, September 2019

"I just wanted say a big thank you an amazing weekend of yoga, meditation and lovely people - I have already made a gratitude wheel in my garden to remind me over the coming days of the intentions I set and of the special place you provided for us."

Magi, September 2019

"Just what I needed to take time out and slow down - helping stop the trying too hard but taking the time to notice and observe. I loved the morning meditation walks."

Jesse, September 2019

"As always, Chris's yoga was wonderful. I love the 'curiosity and kindness' approach. Thank you!"

Jennie, Spring 2019

"I thoroughly enjoyed all the yoga sessions, including walking meditation. I leave with lots of new ideas and firm intentions for continued regular practice."

Vicky, Spring 2019

"Fabulous weekend Chris, Linda & Leona, thank you! Looking forward to putting into practise my sleep tips!"

Caroline W., Yoga for Good Sleep 2018

"The most profound relaxation and meditation I have ever experienced. Thank you so much."

Nina, Yoga for Good Sleep 2018

"Such a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to book April's course."

Clare, Yoga for Good Sleep 2018

"Thank you again for really helpful instruction at retreat. I really learnt a great deal from you both and feel I'm better tuned in to my posture which is helpful in so many ways."

Carol C., Sept 2018

"I loved the set up of the weekend, relaxing venue, a great timetable of different sessions, the people warm and friendly, which really helped me relax and unmind mentally and physically. I learnt to slow down, not push myself adn to understand the art of less is more. It was all perfect. Thank you for a wonderful weekend."

John K., September 2018

"Beautiful venue, lovely food, lovely group and very interesting Yoga and Alexander Technique sessions throwing new light on yoga practice. Thank you!"

Jane C., September 2018

"Thank you again for a wonderful weekend workshop – I think I have come back a different person to the one who arrived on Friday. I think the way that you bring together the Alexander and Yoga is truly excellent. The AT brings that deeper understanding of what needs to engage and what doesn’t and how we can catch ourselves. I feel every time I get a bit better understanding. Thank you both again for a really wonderful weekend."

Tina M., September 2018

"Superb. I loved the 'curiousity and kindness' approach. Both of you managed to make me feel so comfortable."

Kath H., September 2018

"Really excellent yoga and Alexander Technique sessions - helped me learn a lot of new skills. A beautiful place, friendly atmosphere and great hosts."

Participant, September 2018

"All lovely: very relaxing retreat environment, great hosts and lovely other yogis."

Participant, September 2018

'I really enjoyed and benfited from all the yoga and meditation sessions. Expertly run and carefully tailored to the needs of the group. The retreat centre is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. Lovely food and wonderful gardens. I've had a wonderful time!'

Jennie C., June 2018

'A wonderful weekend. Chris is a calm presence and teaches very thoughtful and engaging yoga. it was the perfect balance of relaxing and challenging. My meditation abilities definitely improved over the course of the weekend. The retreat centre was excellent - spotlessly clean and pentiful, tasty food. The staff were friendly and the grounds were beautiful. Such a perfect, inspiring, break.'

Isabelle S., June 2018

'Thanks Chris, I had an amazing time.'

Shirley J., Yoga and Walking May 2018

'Thank you so much for a wonderful yoga weekend at Braziers Park. It was a wonderful two days of yoga and everything that I could have possibly have hoped that it would be. The yoga was varied, relaxed and yet still invigorating and I really appreciated your gentle, understated attention. The venue was perfect; it was lovely to be able to wander in the grounds of a home that was so well loved and well used. A particular favourite was the walled garden which supplied so much of the excellent food. I enjoyed brilliant treatments with the therapists, Linda and Leona who I would highly recommend to anyone. It was a great group of interesting people and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. Thank you once again. Sue and I are really hoping that joining you on your retreats can be a regular fixture in our diaries.'

Isabelle S., Oxfordshire Oct 2017

'Thanks for a great yoga weekend in Dorset last weekend. The calm and energy carried me over the summer solstice. It was a lovely treat.'

Jo C., Misdummer Retreat 2017

'Thanks for a great yoga weekend.'

Louise S., Midsummer Retreat 2017

"A heavenly weekend. The yoga, meditation, food and surroundings have been just perfect. I leaving feeling very peaceful."

Tanya, May 2017

"It's been a wonderful weekend. I would love to come to another one. Please keep me posted."

Enid, May 2017

"Thank you so much - it's been an amazing weekend. After a break of several years from you I'm going home wanting to resume a gentle practice and I'm already feeling so much better."

Angela R., May 2017

"I've learnt so much - just the way you don't have to push through your limits, but instead wait and breathe, has been quite a profound learning for me. Thank you."

Lucy D., May 2017

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for such a relaxing and restorative yet thought provoking weekend in the pretty vale of Evesham. And what a perfect time of year for it as we come out of the winter ready to release and build up our energies for spring. It was a treat! Hope to see you both again soon."

Jo C., Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Loved it. The time to get into positions was again fantastic. Thank you… I feel amazing."

Mauny, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Really enjoyed it. Very relaxing and very well put across to easily understand."

Amanda Turnbull, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Fab. Loved the links between yoga and Alexander Technique. Really enjoyed the meditation in the garden. Liked the ratio of class time to relax time. Superb location."

Helena, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"The slow and mindful approach was exactly what I needed and exceeded my expectations in terms of the benefits. I had anticipated more yoga sequences but actually it was perfect. The Alexander Technique hands-on part really added to the overall awareness and benefits. I learned to reconnect at a deep and slow level to my body."

Heloise, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"I liked the concentrated focus on particular parts of the body. The breakdown of movements to tiny parts was helpful, with precise instructions. Instructors were great at offering support and guidance in modifying postures to accommodate injuries."

Juliette, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Great. I expect noting less now (after several) but still was so impressed. I discovered how much more I can do in my upper body via my feed and how I can isolate and ‘de-stress’ movement in the body better. Thanks for a great weekend. "

Jenny P., Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"I’ve loved both Aleander Technique and yoga. Have appreciated the slow pace of yoga and the AT ideas have been really helpful. Also loved the meditations (in between food stops!)."

Gill Parkin, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Really useful, length was good, instruction was easy to follow and teachers great. I’ve come away with some knowledge to apply while I build up my yoga skill."

Shona, Hands-On Yoga March 2017

"Thank you for a wonderful and restorative weekend! The yoga was amazing, the people were lovely and I had some enjoyable conversations. The house and surroundings were a treat to spend time in, and I enjoyed my walks in the area, seeing the autumn colours and listening to the silence of the countryside. Also, the food at Braziers Park is so tasty, and I looked forward to all the meals! I will definitely be booking a place on the weekend at Braziers Park next September."

Sasha, Winter Warmer 2016

"Thanks a lot Chris, we had a wonderful time."

Elena, Winter Warmer 2016

"Thank you for a lovely weekend! Braziers Park is an amazing venue and the amount of ease and effort seemed just right for me. It was fun to 'chill' with the group and walk around the Chilterns. Really tasty food too"

Mary, Winter Warmer 2016

"Thank you for a lovely relaxing weekend."

Sally, Winter Warmer 2016

"Thanks again for a great weekend - I really enjoyed every minute and will download the 10min yoga to keep my practice up!"

Shirley, Winter Warmer 2016

"Just perfect."

Tanya, Winter War,er 2016

"I've never been taught so well to relax and open into poses. It completely changed my understanding and awareness of yoga. This was an overdue need and has probably been the best way to spend a week to de-stress. Thank you."

Abby P., France 2016

"I really enjoyed the holiday in France and the jolly company of the other women. I also enjoyed your teaching and company a lot. I've got to keep it up now I'm back. Do let me know when you're doing a week-end course."

Marian G, France 2016

"A big thank you. There was a really inclusive vibe. You never felt like a failure if there was something you couldn't do. I've seen a marked improvement in my walking and my flexibility since returning home. It all feels a lot more fluid. I'm very pleased!"

Rebecca, France 2016

"Long may the weeks here continue. I needed nurturing and felt nurtured. Chris really read the mood of us each sessions and responded to it."

Tanya S, France 2016

"Second time here - beautiful surroundings, perfect yoga situation and brilliant teaching."

Gabrielle B, France 2016

"Totally perfect. Chris is a very knowledgeable, very skilled teacher. I learned so much. Thank you so very much for a blissful week of yoga in the amazing French countryside."

Julie-Clare B., France 2016

"Many thanks for the weekend! It was just what I needed! I feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the next 6 months of the year."

Lisa L., Midsummer 2016

"It was the perfect amount of yoga amongst lovely and welcoming people. Having Linda there for massages was a real bonus. I feel very much relaxed after my weekend and will definitely be booking again for next year. Braziers is a wonderful venue."

Vicky M., Midsummer 2016

"It's been brilliant, thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your retreats. I love the way you can cater for beginners and people with more experience."

Rachael, Northumberland May 2016

"Thank you to you for making the retreat a lovely relaxing weekend and for me the rejuvenation has carried on. I have always practised Hatha yoga and you brought home to me the importance of breathing into the posture which enabled me to stay with the posture. Perhaps the walking meditation around the grounds of Minsteracres and the guiding relaxation in the evening comes top for me but then so did the yoga work out. It was good to have the company (with a friendly group) at mealtime but they also respected each other's need for quiet time. Love your 10-minute yoga CD and the fact that the sessions can be practised individually and that is part of my daily routine now."

Elaine, Northumberland May 2016

"Thank you. I hadn't done yoga for three years, but you have helped me realise what I am capable of."

Mike, Northumberland May 2016

"Thank you for all your huge input during the weekend at Minsteracres: inspiring, healing, intelligent yoga. It gave support and renewal when it was badly needed. I was very impressed."

Bridget, Northumberland May 2016

"Thank you also for making the weekend such a pleasure. Great setting, interesting company, relaxing and rejuvenating yoga and walking. Your insight into the variety of ways yoga can be received and practiced and your clear communication created a very supportive, inclusive and positive atmosphere. I took away several 'Nuggets' of your wisdom that are already helping me and enhancing my practice. So - thank you Chris!"

Jane, Peak District 2016

"Thank you for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed the combination of walking and yoga. See you next year I’m sure!"

Gill, Peak District 2016

"I really enjoyed the weekend - thanks so much for organising it. The yoga was great and I enjoyed the venue. I don't feel I could have asked for any more really! I wouldn't hesitate to come again."

Ruth, Peak District 2016

"I just wanted to send you a big thank-you for this weekend. It was such a positive experience for me. I will never look at my body in the same way again, and I'm sure that the future me will reap great rewards from this new perspective you have helped me to gain."

Nancy, Hands-On Retreat, 2016

"I love your gentle approach to yoga where less really is more and it seems to go brilliantly with Alexander Technique so many thanks to you and Tanya. Yoga and AT really do complement each other."

Liz, Hands-On Retreat 2016

"Thank you for the weekend which I greatly enjoyed. Holland House was super – I felt amazingly calm on Monday morning. I am very much looking forward to the next weekend."

Andrea, Hands-On Retreat 2016

"Thank you so much - it was excellent. A wonderful weekend."

Bernadette, Hands-On Retreat, 2016

"Thanks for organising a great weekend."

Louise, Hands-On Retreat 2016

"A lovely, well-considered series of classes which left me feeling very grounded and strong after a shaky few months. Thank you for guiding me to a place of greater understanding, of compassion and kindness."

Theresa A., Nov 2015

"I have had a great time. Just the right level for me. I didn't feel there was any pressure to keep up with other people but I was able to stretch my ability at all times. A really calming and enjoyable experience."

Carole P., Nov 2015

"A great weekend and good value for money. Thanks!"

Gill P., Nov 2015

"Great - as ever. I really liked the mindful approach and mix of meditation and yoga inside and outside. Very considered, and focused on hearing your body. Looking forward to coming again."

Jenny P., Nov 2015

"Just to say thank you for a wonderfully energising yet relaxing weekend, feeling recharged and ready to rejoin the real world!"

Emma C., Nov 2015

"I really enjoyed the weekend. I will certainly look to do another one in the future."

Becky G., Nov 2015

"Brilliant - and good value for money."

Sally H., Nov 2015

"I am finding your disc 10-Minute Yoga very useful. The 10 minute sessions are just right in our busy day."

Jean, Hull

"I'm so pleased to have your cd: the pace, the 10-min chunks work really well for me, as I can tailor it to how much time/energy I have. Also helps not to feel I'm committing to an hour, but actually I do an hour because it feels so good. Fantastic!"

Millie, 10-Minute Yoga

"Thanks again for a fabulous week of yoga, great company, gorgeous food, superb walks and a really helpful Alexander Technique taster. This was even better than 2013... very relaxed."

Liz P., France 2015

"I had a lovely time in France with you all and have been missing the company, sunshine, cheese and wonderful yoga sessions greatly. Hopefully our paths will cross again before too long."

Melanie P., France 2015

"Thanks so much for such a wonderful week in France. The yoga, relaxation and chat with the group made me feel more relaxed than I have in a while and I'm really grateful for having had the experience and chance to unwind. A brilliant week. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to return at some point."

Gabrielle B., France 2015

"Thank you Chris for a fantastic week. Really enjoyed it. A la prochaine fois."

Marian M., France 2015

"Just wanted to thank you for a superb yoga holiday We learnt so much, great company and delicious food We are looking forward to telling all our yoga friends."

Melanie L., France 2015

"Thank you Chris for a perfect week from beginning to end."

Guy L., France 2015

Thank you for a wonderful week of yoga. It's been amazing. I can't wait for next year."

Laura G., France 2015

"Thank you for such lovely, beautiful classes and words. I loved all of them. A perfect holiday and totally relaxed."

Pretty P., France 2015

"Another brilliant retreat. 48 hours felt like a week away. Thank you so much."

Rob and Claudia, Midsummer 2015

"Very good value. You do a great job of providing lots of yoga sessions in two days, whilst still building in enough time to enjoy our gorgeous surroundings."

Lisa E., Midsummer 2015

"Thank you Chris and Linda for a relaxing, restorative weekend in a fantastic location - perfect for meditation and yoga. I hope to see you again."

Carol N., Midsummer 2015

"Very good yoga and I enjoyed the meditation sessions walking through the trees and gardens. The birdsong was particularly beautiful."

Louise S., Midsummer 2015

"Thank you for helping me to practise gently and the very special walking meditation. I feel very peaceful."

Theresa B., Midsummer 2015

"Wonderful. I learnt a great deal. Tanya and Chris are extremely knowledgable and Braziers Park was lovely - comfortable, full of character and with some good walks."

Sacha, Hands-On weekend 2015

"Fabulous. I really learnt a lot this weekend and experienced new ways to relax and get more out of my yoga practice. Braziers Park is beautiful."

Marisa, Hands-On weekend 2015

"Thank you for a lovely weekend - I hope to return."

Vicky, Hands-On retreat 2015

"Thank you team for care and helpful guidance. I aim to attend another next year."

Keith,. Hands-On weekend 2015

"Enjoyable, fascinating, informative and fun. I would definitely attend again. Thank you."

Tracey, Hands-On weekend 2015

"Thank you for a lovely weekend - fantastic as ever."

Sally, Hands-On weekend 2015

"Thank you for an enjoyable weekend in a lovely place and setting - helpful 'hands-on' input and good variety with meditation, yoga nidra and walking."

Katy, Hands-On weekend, 2015

"A fabulous experience and I would love to come again."

Donna, Winter Warmer 2014

"Fantastic - I loved every session, all different and challenging in their own ways. I'm feeling stretched and re-energised. Thank you Chris."

Caroline, Winter Warmer 2014

"Thanks Chris for a great weekend. It was lovely and such a nice relaxed group, really enjoyed the yoga, the meditation, the silent walk in the early morning sunshine - and the food of course!"

Lisa, Winter Warmer 2014

"I loved all the yoga - not too strenuous but still very rewarding and I feel better in body and mind. I will come again""

Elena, Winter Warmer 2014

"One of the best treats I've ever given myself. Chris and Tanya created such a beautiful space and environment for us to restore our balance in life... Great to see all the people changed by the last yoga session."

Mariko, Hands-On weekend 2014

"A very good balance of art, science and spiritual aspects - linking body, mind and soul. Very restorative."

Chris, Hands-On weekend 2014

"A very restorative weekend for body and mind."

Louise, Hands-On weekend 2014

"I learnt a lot, reconnected with my body and relaxed. Very many thanks and hope to see you again."

Anouska, Hands-On weekend 2014

"I've really enjoyed the weekend: lovely group of people, excellent teacher, delicious food and beautiful surroundings - what more could anyone ask for? Thank you."

Christina, Hands-On weekend 2014

"Stunning, peaceful and relaxed: this is going to be a difficult place to leave. Being new to yoga I found the sessions very kind in pace. Physically I feel more relaxed and connected - and I slept like a log!"

Tina, Hands-On weekend, 2014

"It was the most amazing weekend Chris, thank you again - great crowd, fab yoga and wonderful surroundings - I'm definitely coming back next year!"

Marisa Pugh, Northumberland 2014

"Thank you for a truly wonderful weekend. I loved the yoga practice, the beautiful countryside, the lovely people, and the tasty food. It did me so much good. I can't thank you enough!"

Sasha Corcashvili, Northumberland 2014

"I am relatively new to yoga but found it easy to pick up through your teachings - challenging enough aswell. A peaceful vibe and a really positive place to be."

Olivia Searle, Northumberland 2014

"Wonderful - a rejuvenating weekend in the countryside, perfect setting for a restoring and relaxing retreat."

Lucy George, Northumberland 2014

"The weekend exceeded my expectations. I would definitely come again."

Gail Searle, Northumberland 2014

"A fantastic weekend in inspiring surroundings. I highly recommend."

Lorna Riddell, Northumberland 2014

"Lovely people, beautiful scenery, gentle yet effective yoga - a great weekend. I shall come again."

Nicole Warmus, Northumberland 2014

"If you're looking for peace and calm you'll find it with Chris. Yoga suitable for everyone. Thank you for a lovely retreat - the best yet."

Rose Romani, Northumberland 2014

"Another cracker of a weekend. Chris makes a short weekend retreat feel like a long, rejuvenating break."

Claudia, Spring Yoga 2014

"Really enjoyed getting into a deeper understanding of poses. A great centre with fab facilities. I'll definitely come again!"

Lisa, Spring Yoga 2014

"Another wonderful weekend of relaxation, exploration and shared learning in a beautiful, natural environment. Thanks Chris."

Vicki, Spring Yoga 2014

"Wonderful yoga sessions. Nice to spend longer time deepening postures and improving practice. Thank you for being our yogi!"

Theresa, Spring Yoga 2014

"A lovely relaxing break with permission to nurture yourself and be comfortable. Thanks so much."

Kirsten, Spring Yoga 2014

"Thankyou Chris for such a peaceful and relaxing weekend. I can't wait for the next time."

Alice, Spring Yoga 2014

"Fantastic yoga sessions. Very clear and incredibly relaxing."

Leigh, Spring Yoga 2014

"Very good yoga sessions - a nice balance of physical and meditation - in a great location. Just great to focus for three days on your body and mind and let the world around you fade for a while."

Andy, Spring Yoga 2014

"Thank you for being understanding and accommodating a beginner in your sessions. It was good to feel reassured that it was OK to do what I could. A beautiful place."

Christine, Peak District 2013

"A lovely setting, good walks with time to 'stop and stare', and very enjoyable yoga with unobtrusive help from Chris."

Pauline, Peak District 2013

"Great yoga sessions - perfectly pitched between challenging and relaxing.And great walks - the scenery was beautiful."

Rob, Peak District 2013

"Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the weekend: gentle and relaxing yoga, excellent walks in a beautiful setting."

Louise S., Peak District 2013

"Really good yoga and lovely walks - a great balance and in a lovely location."

Claudia, Peak District 2013

"Excellent yoga sessions, as always, well-paced and thoughtful. And excellent walks in beautiful scenery."

Sheila, Peak District 2013

"A very restorative weekend - relaxing and reviving. It's cleared a lot of space and clarity in my head. A beautiful location."

Louise F., Peak District 2013

"A lovely location; perfect walks in great scenery. And yoga sessions very well judged to the needs of the group whilst still developing our practices. As always, I leave feeling uplifted and energised."

Michael, Peak District 2013

"Truly brilliant yoga. I feel I have learnt so much. The attention to detail has really helped me understand what yoga can be and helped me start to feel in touch with my body, which I haven't felt for years. Thank you hugely."

Kate, France 2013

"Wanted to say thank you again for a fabulous week.. it was bliss. Yoga was lovely, trips to Najac, Cordes and Villefranche were great... I loved the Alexander Technique intro and my session... And food was absolutely yum..."

Liz, France 2013

"We felt in very good hands. Chris was very attentive, thoughtful and responsive. It's good to feel your energy and conviction in what you were doing for us all. It all seems very fresh and authentic, routines flexible. I hope you can continue to provide this experience for others."

Raymond, France 2013

"Everyone is looked after. You have a caring but not intrusive attitude, which I appreciate."

Linda, France 2013

"I love it - the venue, the yoga, the peace and relaxation, the walks, the pool - and want to come again and again and again!"

Tanya, France 2013

"Wow - stunning retreat centre and surroundings, beautiful and peaceful."

Amanda, Northumberland 2013

"A great weekend, thoroughly recommend and would love to go on another one: lovely surroundings, peaceful and calming, fab food,and very relaxing yoga - a lot of ideas that I will take away and use at home."

Ashley, Northumberland 2013

"I thank you Chris for the thought you have put into this weekend. The place, food, people, staff and group atmosphere all combine to make a memorable time. I have enjoyed everyminute of my time here."

Vilma, Northumberland 2013

"Beautiful grounds and peaceful surroundings. Perfectly paced yoga, gentle and relaxing. Chris is very good at emphaasising that you do what's right for you as individuals and not to push yourself, but to go whereh your body takes you. I will take that home with me."

Gita, Northumberland 2013

"Beautiful, peaceful grounds, where I really enjoyed the outdoor yoga sessions. Lovely yoga, nice and gentle. Hoping to carry this light, energised feeling with me."

Emma, Northumberland 2013

"A peaceful and welcoming retreat centre, the perfect place to unwind. Peaceful and joyful, I'm going home much more chilled and relaxed than I came!"

Anne, Northumberland 2013

"The tranquility and kindness of the retreat centre and the yoga will hopefully remain with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you."

Nicola, Northumberlanad 2013

"Amazing site and scenery and a warm and friendly welcome. A superb place, company, and a helpful and patient teacher. Thank you Chris."

Patsy, Northumberland 2013

"Chris's style is so inclusive that no matter where you are on your yoga pathway, you can fully participate. She takes out the competition you can sometimes feel in classes, and when you're told your aim is just 'to be', amazing gains happen."

Pauline, Northumberland 2013

"Spectacular surroundings with loads of space, quiet and solitude, a real get-away from the bustle of daily life. Simple, good home cooking and very gentle yoga. Very good value for all that was offered."

Jane, Northumberland 2013

"A really restorative weekend. I feel relaxed, at peace and well fed! Super awesome. Thank you, Chris."

Claudia, Dorset 2013

"The perfect mix of yoga, meditation, company and good food in lovely surroundings. I'll be back next year."

Vicky, Dorset 2013

"Excellent weekend. Great company, amazing food and plenty of relaxing yoga, meditation and massage."

Marisa, Dorset 2013

"Thank you so much. I had a lovely time and have gained a lot of confidence as to come on my own was a challenge for me - but I did it! Everyone was very friendly."

Sally, Dorset 2013

"Thanks for a very full and rich experience. The group, the setting, farm, ah! A very simple but deep bliss. Thanks for making that happen! You are a special, 'Chris'."

Laura A, France 2012

"I have had the most wonderful time - thank you so much. I have never felt so relaxed and content on a holiday before and I've learnt some great things I will use when I get home."

Laura G,France 2012

"A wonderful setting, fabulous food and superb yoga. I love how we slowly build up to a sequence, explaining movements in subtle detail first and then putting it all together. This is my second year coming to France with Chris and I can see how I've progressed through a gentle easing into the poses."

Tanya, France 2012

"An incredibly reasonably priced, lovely yoga holiday in a really lovely place. Thankyou Chris - it's a credit to you how well the holiday worked. Excellent value for money - I'll happily recommend it."

Marie, France 2012

"A great holiday with a lovely bunch of people. A very beautiful farmhouse, lovely walks and the river walk was delightful. Excellent, beneficial yoga - very sensitive to the needs of the class. Excellent value for money."

Sheila, France 2012

“Chris is a lovely teacher, very careful and mindful. This is a lovely environment to spend a weekend a gentle yoga with tasty food and a warm welcome.”

Sue, Dorset weekend, 2012

“I learned a lot in a short time due to patient, gentle teaching. I enjoyed the meditation, breathing and stretching equally. Felt very chilled out by the end!”

Chris C, Spring Yoga 2012

“Having never done yoga before and others had, but the classes were just great for both beginners and the more advanced. They were both gentle and challenging and I felt very relaxed. The surroundings are beautiful and I felt very at one with nature, the food was delicious and I had a lovely, relaxing, peaceful weekend – what a great stress-buster!”

Sarah, Spring Yoga, 2012

“This was a fabulous weekend. It was so nice to leave my busy London life behind and indulge in superb yoga practice, excellent food and great company – just what I needed!”

Marisa, Spring Yoga, 2012

“We came on the yoga retreat for a mum and daughters weekend for my 30th birthday. None of us had ever done yoga before. It was a wonderful experience. We all lead busy, stressful lives and this made us feel so relaxed. It helped me to understand my own body better and feel like I got to know myself better. Highly recommended!”

Nickki P, Spring Yoga, 2012

“Thanks so much to you, Chris, for the wonderful retreat. I came back from it feeling great. What is especially good about having returned to yoga again recently is learning to trust my body - this has been a lifelong goal. You showed great care and consideration to the needs of individuals, and taught in a manner that was extremely helpful, positive and encouraging. It made me feel committed to my own yoga practice. I’d love to do another retreat with you.”

Katie G, Spring Yoga, 2012

"Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed our walks and it's good to really spend time focussing on yoga."

Liz, Peak District, 2012

"Thanks Chris. Beautiful surroundings and great facilities. Excellent yoga sessions - very relaxing, working different parts of the body with some new positions and stretches to learn. Would be great to join your classes if I lived nearer!"

Caroline, Peak District, 2012

"Very relaxing yoga - a good balance of core work, pramayama and relaxation. The hostel is beautiful in a picture-perfect village, making a really calm base for the weekend. What an absolute joy to practise yoga to the sounds of sheep and chickens!"

Theresa, Peak District, 2012

"Wonderful. Hartington Hall is beautiful in an idyllic setting. I loved it - and every minute of the yoga! Thank you Chris, I've had a lovely weekend."

Hayley, Peak District, 2012

"This has been a perfect week that I will always remember. The setting is inspiring, beautiful and idyllic. The yoga has freed my back from chronic pain for the first time in many years. The weather was gorgeous and though the days have been packed with wonderfully enjoyable activities, I feel so relaxed and refreshed. Delicious food, wonderfully company and so much fun. I've loved every minute and I only hope I will be able to do it again next year!"

Tania, France, 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend yoga sessions with you at Osho Leela - what a beautiful setting and perfect yoga room. Your gentle instructions were clear and I felt a comfortable, deep connection with joints and body places I haven't visited in a while. Just took it all for granted. Now I find my posture has improved and my bodily awareness is increasing. I'm looking forward to attending more of your workshops.” Susan W. Spring Yoga Weekend, 2012

Susan W. Spring Yoga, 2012

“Thanks again Chris for a wonderful weekend - I'm still glowing with the after effects.”

Jane A. Spring Yoga, 2012

“Yoga was deeply relaxing – very well communicated and a very friendly atmosphere. I’d definitely come again – it was such good fun and sooooo relaxing. Thanks, Chris.”

Katherine, Dorset weekend, 2012

“My second retreat with Chris – and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Intensely relaxing yoga, but dynamic enough to be a thorough physical experience, with attention to detail very illuminating with regards to bad habits and how to correct them."

Vicki Spring Yoga, 2012

"It has been a wonderful holiday - great weather, great people, great surroundings and a very nurturing exploration of the body and mind."

Simone, France 2011

"This retreat has been blissful - a really rejuvenating experience. Chris has a really intuitive style of teaching, working with rather than against your body. I really enjoyed Lucy's cooking even though I'm not a vegetarian and I loved the other activities - swimming outside, trips to Najac and Villefranche, Alexander Technique, and Sarah's massage was the best I've ever had. A week of pure bliss."

Pauline, France 2011

"It has been good to spend the week in this gloriously peaceful location and do yoga daily. Chris teaches a gentle form of yoga where we work with our bodies without feeling we have to push things for the sake of it. Repeating postures leads to a more nuanced understanding and we build up to more complicated manoeuvres in a gentle way. I've loved it."

Tanya, France 2011

"Thank you for a lovely week - just what I needed: a perfect antidote to a busy London lifestyle."

Rebecca, France 2011

“Good company, interesting food, lovely setting, and subtle but challenging yoga. My first yoga retreat - and a wonderful weekend. Just what I needed."

Paul, Dorset, March 2011

"Chris's patient, calm and gentle teaching, coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and astonishingly beautiful surroundings have made this a perfect springtime retreat."

Chris S., Dorset, March 2011

"Chris’s yoga sessions were excellent: they were imaginative, thoughtful, enjoyable and very effective and she showed flexibility to meet our needs and abilities. The retreat centre is an excellent location. The food was fabulous at all times: simple, fresh and delicious.”

Graeme, France, 2010

“I can’t think of a nicer holiday - I’d love to do it again next year! A very friendly and welcoming retreat centre with excellent food. I really enjoyed the yoga. I hadn’t expected to be able to attend all sessions but in the end I didn’t want to miss any. I liked the way we were stretched only within what was comfortable for each of us – no pressure! – and the breathing and relaxation. It helped build a sense of camaraderie among the group, which made the holiday all the more enjoyable. I loved the long walk and swim in the river, sunbathing and swimming in the pool. Very good value. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable holiday/ retreat in every sense.”

Lynette, France, 2010

“It’s been such a fantastic week in every way. Such a beautiful place away from city life, very peaceful. The yoga sessions were just right. The gentle pace, the building up, was very satisfying. Also the meditation element was very nourishing. I feel renewed in body, mind and spirit – just what I needed! Nice to feel more flexible compared to the beginning of the week. The teaching style really makes me feel confident and also the emphasis on only going as far as you can go. I thought twice a day might be too much but I actually looked forward to lots of sessions. Very good value. We were spoilt by so much lovely fresh organic food – delicious! Thank you for organising it and hope there might be another one!”

Angela, France 2010

"It has been a very enjoyable and relaxing week and I’m delighted to have been with Chris, who is such a good leader and host. The food was very good indeed, terrific range and I was pleased to have wine as well. Yoga sessions were excellent, building up strength and core activities. The pace was great for the standard we were used to. Excellent value for money.”

Heather, France 2010

“A very good welcome. The food was great. The yoga sessions were very relaxing – and the more energetic ones were rewarding.”

Stephen, France 2010

"A very wholesome holiday. I came away feeling very healthy, relaxed and de-stressed. I felt my stomach had been filled with wholesome, organic products that were doing me good and the yoga exercises were doing great things to my body and mind."

Margaret, France 2010

"I loved the focus on meditative, spiritual aspects of yoga. I was deeply relaxed between sessions as well as in them and the knock-on positive effects have lasted 2 days and counting. This made it such a mind/body treat that I'd have no hesitation in doing it two or three times a year."

Vicky, Dorset 2011

Yoga classes

"Really, REALLY appreciate the fact that you've kept your classes going. I need the 'live' classes to keep me at it. Your classes also help me as markers in the week now!"

Sarah, online yoga 2020

"Wanted to say how much I am enjoying the online classes. The practice is so grounding and overall just feels like a real treat each and everytime!"

Gwen, online yoga 2020

"Thanks so much for your thoughtful, informed and compassionate teaching - I've really appreciated having your classes available by Zoom and have very much enjoyed them. It's definitely contributed to staying sane and well during all this weirdness!"

Katy, online yoga 2020

"Thanks so much for the yoga - I’m really enjoying starting my new daily rhythm with your classes."

Jo, online yoga 2020

"Your classes are a wonderful anchor."

Oona, online yoga 2020

"Just wanted to say am enjoying the sessions which I am doing from the Youtube link."

Tina, online yoga 2020

"This morning I did one of the class recordings and loved the practice. Thank you."

Carol, online yoga 2020

"I'm enjoying the online classes, strictly YouTube, me - I don't do mornings!"

Geraldine, online yoga 2020

"You are doing an AMAZING JOB!!! So impressed how you've become so natural so quickly in this format. I love starting my day with you, and the other women."

Steph, online yoga 2020

"I’ve just been through your Tuesday recording, and it was very beneficial - thank you!"

Audrey, online yoga 2020

"I am very glad to join, I did a session this morning and feel far better."

Charlotte, online yoga 2020

"Did the best on line class the other morning, thank you Chris! Top teacher."

Nicole, online yoga 2020

“I've been loving your classes and will be catching up with them through the recordings over the next few weeks.”

Sophie, online yoga 2020

“Thank you for the online sessions. They are keeping me sane and I am truly enjoying them.”

Vilma, online yoga 2020

"Thank you for a wonderfully relaxing year of yoga. Looking forward to the next one!"

Brigid B., 2019

"Thank you for all the brilliant yoga!"

Jo F., 2019

"Thank you for being a lovely yoga teacher!"

Sarah O., 2019

"Thank you for all your yoga teaching over many years."

Pauline G., 2019

"Thank you Chris - that was amazing!"

Claudia, 2017 resolution workshop

"I've tried numerous yoga classes in south west London and yours is by far the best! I've really enjoyed the last term as I feel I've pushed myself a bit more and I prefer the guided meditation at the end rather then complete silence. Keep up the good work."

Sophie P., Streatham

"I never did yoga before and have really found your classes and your teaching quite brilliant. Very relaxed atmosphere and exactly what I was looking for. I’ll defo sign up for the next sessions."

Karel K., Streatham

"I'm enjoying the little bits of new sequences of poses and the different ways of doing things that you've introduced recently. I'm feeling we're being worked quite hard (in a good way). I also enjoy the relaxation and the meditative, mindful moments we have."

Linda, Streatham

"I've really enjoyed coming to your yoga classes, over the last however many years it's been! I find the classes very relaxing especially during stressful times. I do like the gentler pace of the class but I really enjoy it when you vary the practice and introduce new poses or routines. For me it keeps the class interesting and can introduce new challenges, which I enjoy."

Andrea R., Streatham

"Chris is a fantastic yoga teacher. She adapts her classes for anyone, so if you're carrying an injury or a medical condition you will be safe as well as if you want to explore a current yoga practice more deeply. She runs great weekly classes and also weekend retreats that are so, so relaxing and inspiring."

Tanya S., Brixton

"A MASSIVE thank you for the last year (or thereabouts) of yoga practice. It has been wonderful and I hope that I can rejoin your classes in future."

Claire B., Streatham

"Thank you so much for the lovely yoga this term - Thursday is the highlight of my week, and I always come away feeling so much calmer and refreshed - you’re a miracle-worker."

Cathy K, Streatham

"I love everything about your classes on Weds night - it's so good to have a regular chunk of time to myself for the 1st time in 6 years!! Feeling much better for it,Thank you!"

Nicola, Streatham

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class on Wednesday. It's good to be back."

Andrea, Streatham class

"Thanks for the lovely workshop on Saturday. I came out feeling much lighter! It was lovely to get back to it and the combination of the two disciplines was great."

Hilarie Millward, Hands-On Workshop

“Tanya’s hands-on encouragement to get me to adjust my posture when in certain poses felt gently reassuring. This, together with Chris’s wonderfully mindful yoga teaching were literally a tonic. I loved the emphasis on relaxing into poses rather than forcing the body to stretch beyond its limits.”

Gill Tunstall, Hands-On Workshop

"Just wanted to let you know that I am still using the gentle approach I learnt in your classes and it really helps me a lot. Thank you so much for the classes - perhaps you cannot know how, if someone attends for even a short time, so very much good is done."

Rositta, Streatham

"Just to say how much I've been enjoying the classes this term. I can really feel the difference in my body and stress levels! Thanks so much!"

Ruth Jamieson, Streatham

"Just to say it is amazing. I was bouncing off the walls last night at home and then slept like a baby. Thank you Chris."

Vicky McLeod, Streatham

"How glad I am that I found my way to you! It's not just that you are a wonderful yoga teacher but also that you are so grounded in reality and so open about the challenges of your own life. I can come to yoga sessions with you feeling that it doesn't matter if I can't do some things, I can relax and accept what I can do. So thank you."

Jane F, Streatham Hill

"Thank you for a really wonderful class this morning. It was so deep and aware and yet really strong too. I enjoyed it enormously."

Jo F, Brixton

“I do a vinyasa flow class once a week and I wanted to do something to complement it that focused more on my physical state and ailments and this class definitely fits that bill. I have really enjoyed the course - great space, group size and great teaching.”

Suzanna B, Streatham Hill

“Gentle, but effective. I’ve tried many yoga classes over the years but this is definitely my favourite. I look forward to it each week. I feel any problems or aches are taken into account and feel no pressure to pursue moves that are uncomfortable.”

Sarah A, Streatham Hill

“Chris’s class has done my aches and pains a great benefit. My shoulder is much better and I go away feeling relaxed and energised.”

Pat M, Streatham Hill

“Thanks - I thought it was grand. I have noticed a difference in my body and I’m looking forward to the next course.”


“Fantastic sessions – love how injuries are taken into account and sessions worked around them. Enjoy the small group with time for individual attention. The calm and relaxed atmosphere is refreshing. Love it – and booking again!”

Vicky T, Streatham Hill

“I feel so much better and refreshed after each session. I love every minute of gentle yoga.”

Vilma M, Streatham Hill

"Chris' classes are really welcoming and inclusive and give you a great foundation with which to start exploring your yoga practice further."

Andrea, Brixton

"I hadn't done yoga for 30 years when I started Chris's weekly Tuesday evening yoga sessions in November 2008. I can feel that it is doing me good physically and mentally and it is a great way to relax and forget about everything after a day at work. Chris is very good at explaining and demonstrating the stretches and modifying the movements for people (like me) who are stiff. After eight months I can bend in places which wouldn't bend before."

Vanda, Brixton

"I slept so well last night. Your yoga is just so good. Thanks."

Louise, Brixton

"A find the yoga class: relaxing yet invigorating; helps stretch my muscles in a gentle way; a good end to the day."

Umi, with lower back pain, workplace class

"Chris's classes are gentle but also challenging, and clear your mind and body of everyday stresses and strains."

Stephen, workplace class

"Lovely, gentle yoga classes. Very good for working on your posture and core strengths."

Sandra, Brixton

"For beginners the classes are not too scary or strenuous. For people with weak backs it is ideal. I like the breathing exercises and stretching some of those areas where it has been tight or strained for years. It's addictive though!"

Paula, workplace class

"Chris's yoga classes are very peaceful and calming. I have enjoyed discovering unknown muscles and finding out what my body is capable of. After only a few classes I began to feel much stronger and more flexible."

Christina, Brixton

"I’ve been coming to Chris’s class for over two years and I strongly recommend them. Chris is a really gentle and thoughtful teacher, doing it in a way that’s right for you at that time. It’s that tailoring of instruction to individuals which helps you gently progress. Everything’s getting this gentle, teasing out work-out. It gets me more relaxed and tuned into where my body is."

Oona, Streatham

"Chris's yoga classes offer a calm oasis in a busy urban week. For an hour and a half, her serenity and the measured speed of instruction allowed me to relax and inhabit my physical self in a way rarely otherwise afforded. I particularly appreciated the mixture of repetition of some postures over several sessions to allow me to notice progress, blended with new postures and learning that she had chosen to share with us. I experienced a sense of community and a gentle sense of wellbeing to warm me through the working week."

Alex, Brixton

“My 1:1 yoga sessions with Chris were just so relaxing and enjoyable that it's hard to believe such a gentle approach would have such a powerful effect on my lower back pain - and after only a few sessions at that! Chris carefully tailored the postures to suit my physical capabilities and answered all my questions so thoughtfully and with such clear explanatins and demonstrations that I felt confident enough to try some home practice in between sessions. I would highly recommend yoga with Chris."

Maggy, Streatham

“Really lovely and energising class. Excellent way to start the week. Really well paced and controlled way to learn yoga.”

Andrea, Streatham Hill

“My first time trying out yoga and it’s been absolutely brilliant. Chris is an excellent teacher, very welcoming and relaxing. After only two sessions I began to feel the benefit – a lot more at ease in my own body. I would encourage everyone to try yoga and especially with Chris. Fantastic!”

Philippa D, Streatham Hill

“I always feel at ease in Chris’s class. I particularly like the pace and tone. My Monday nights seem so calm now – I’ve found my own little sanctuary!”

Caroline, Streatham Hill

“It’s a privilege to be taught in such a small, friendly group. The course has been an excellent balance of relaxation and asana and the classes always flow well.”

Theresa A, Streatham Hill

"A MASSIVE thank you for the last year (or thereabouts) of yoga practice. It has been wonderful and I hope that I can rejoin your classes in future."

Claire B., Streatham

“It’s a privilege to be taught in such a small, friendly group. The course has been an excellent balance of relaxation and asana and the classes always flow well.”

Theresa A, Streatham Hill