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Super Gentle! – home yoga for days when it’s hard to get started

Do you want to feel more at home in your body, more grounded and less tired?

Do you want to get more exercise – but without feeling like it’s a punishment!?

Did you know you don’t have to be young or bendy to enjoy the all-round health benefits of yoga?

Super Gentle is a collection of online yoga classes to keep grown-up bodies functioning well, joints moving and minds calm. It is carefully taught by an experienced teacher so you can do it confidently at home on your own.

Each class in Super Gentle is a well-rounded practice of postures, breath and movement, leaving your whole body feel stronger and better.

Course of 10 



What you get

You will be sent a link to ten carefully-taught yoga sessions to view on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. They are yours forever – to view at any time now or in the future.

Each session lasts an hour and forms a fully rounded yoga practice with sequences that include movement, stillness, awareness of the breath and all practised with an intention of fierce kindness towards ourselves! Four of the sessions include an added 20-min guided relaxation.

Please watch the short introductory video first. Then do the others in whichever order takes your fancy. Chris is available to answer any queries by email.

*Any course can be given as a present. Click on the gift box when you order – and fill in your details to receive a personalised card.*

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  1. Vilma

    After the first couple of sessions I was quite amazed at the changes I began to feel both mentally and physically.

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