Purely Restorative

Deeply nourishing rest for body and mind

The yoga in this sequence is brilliant for times when you feel depleted, sleep-deprived or stressed.

In as little as 16 minutes each of these practices gives you a complete break.

They will give you instant deep and nourishing rest, mentally and physically.

They cleverly tap into the neurological connections between mind and body to move us out of a state of being ‘alert and stressed’ into one of ‘rest and digest’ in which healing can begin.

They can be practised individually, for example as a mini ‘afternoon nap’ or at any time we feel a dip in energy. After just a short time, you will feel replenished.   Or they can be done in sequence, creating a deeply nourishing yoga practice of 1hr 12mins.

Enjoy one of the hidden treasures of the yoga tradition – the practices known as Restorative Yoga.

Course of 4



What you get

You will be sent a link to four carefully-taught restorative yoga sessions to view on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. They are yours forever – to view at any time now or in the future.

They range in length from 16 to 21 mins and include:

  • Two ways with restorative inversions
  • Restorative side bend and back bend
  • Restorative shoulder release
  • Forward bend and energy breath

Please watch the short introductory video first. Then do the others in whichever order takes your fancy. Chris is available to answer any queries by email.

*Any course can be given as a present. Click on the gift box when you order – and fill in your details to receive a personalised card.*

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  1. Kate Beales

    This is lovely! I worked my way through them over the weekend, doing them a couple at a time. I can see how they would be great together if I had time, but they’re very nice individually as well! I had a great time with them. They were easy to follow and the pace is great. After the challenges of the past eighteen months, Chris’s restorative yoga has been a wonderful gift. The poses are so simple and so powerful – creating a state that’s both relaxing and revitalising. Thank you so much!

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