Love your Core 1

Are you looking for greater resilience, strength and ease in everyday actions such as bending and twisting? Would you like to learn ways to maintain a health spine and prevent back injuries?

A healthy core that has strength and suppleness is key to resilience in our movement and in ourselves! By building a deep inner strength with awareness we become free to be softer and more flexible when we meet challenges – physical and mental.

Course of 10



This course is for you if you are looking for:

  • less tension in your neck and shoulders
  • ways to prevent back injuries

* Growing agility, versatility and suppleness

* clearly-taught yoga from an experienced teacher


What you get

This series of 10 yoga all-round yoga practices will help you deepen your awareness of your body and its potential to give you the support you need.

Once you register, you will receive your own private link to the course of recorded classes on YouTube available for you to follow at your own pace in your own time. Each session lasts an hour, with three offering an extra 20-minute guided relaxation. Chris is available to answer any queries by email.

Please watch the short introductory video first. Then do the others in whichever order takes your fancy.

They are yours to keep forever so you can come back to practice them as many times as you like.

*Any course can be given as a present. Click on the gift box when you order – and fill in your details to receive a personalised card.*

1 review for Love your Core 1

  1. Kathy

    I’m feeling fitter and easier in my joints than I have for years thanks to your yoga. 

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