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HAPPY HIPS!  Look after your hips and your whole body will thank you!

Do you often get back ache, tight shoulders or painful knees? Would you like to stop feeling so creaky?

Did you know that improving functional movement in our hips can be the key to reducing pain elsewhere?

Happy Hips is a collection of online yoga classes especially for people with grown-up bodies that are feeling a bit of wear and tear.

Course of 10




You don’t have to be bendy to enjoy the benefits of yoga for overall health and wellbeing.

Each class in Happy Hips is a well-rounded practice of postures, breath and movement, leaving your whole body feel stronger and better.


What you get

You will be sent a link to ten carefully-taught yoga sessions to view on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. They are yours forever – to view at any time now or in the future.

Each session lasts around an hour and forms a fully rounded yoga practice, with a special emphasis on finding ease of movement through the hips. Plus one includes an extra 20-min guided relaxation.

Once you register, you will receive your own private link to the course of recorded classes on YouTube available for you to follow at your own pace in your own time. Chris is available to answer any queries by email.

Please watch the short introductory video first. Then do the others in whichever order takes your fancy.


*Any course can be given as a present. Click on the gift box when you order – and fill in your details to receive a personalised card.*

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  1. Trevor

    “I completed Happy Hips – really clear instruction from you and the virtual format works very well. Looking forward to completing further sessions and thanks for the excellent guided practice.”

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