Diary of a Lockdown, day 4: calm before the storm

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Forget-me-knots in the garden 27 March

With news today that the Prime Minster, Health Secretary and Chief Medical Officer are all testing positive for Coronavirus, you might think we were already at the height of a full-blown health crisis. But in our house the feeling is more one of a calm before the storm.

We are all well; we have food in the fridge; the dog gets walked; and, with yesterday’s promise from the government of grants for self-employed people like me, dire financial straits are not imminent.

I spent most of the afternoon digging over my vegetable patch and mulching in strawberries. It was great to have time to spend on practical tasks in the sunshine. Husband did some cleaning and the boys went for bike rides.

But the numbers suggest the lull won’t last long.  Each day’s UK death toll is higher than the day before. Yesterday’s was 181 bringing the total to 759.

London, we are told, is two weeks ahead of the rest of the nation and hospitals are bracing themselves. The capital is facing a “tsunami” of Covid-19 patients within days, we are told.

Our friend – a nurse –  is being trained up to respond. A neighbour who works in public health is already flat out. Our street turned out in force last night to ‘Clap for the NHS’. “I thank you all,” responded the neighbour on our WhatsApp group. “It means so much to see this community support.”

For our next-door neighbour, who is in her 70s,  it is already much closer to home. Her son, who visited for Mother’s Day on Sunday, has since developed Covid-19 symptoms. She is now anxiously waiting to see if she has caught it too.

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