Time is tight 1

Welcome to Time is Tight 1 Practical yoga for busy lives Our time is precious and we can’t always give hours to our yoga practice. These 10 yoga sessions will help you maintain your health and wellbeing with yoga – even when life is super busy. They include: Six active sessions to get you moving […]

Love Your Core 1

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Welcome to Love Your Core 1 Freedom comes from innner strength. This series of 10 yoga all-round yoga practices will help you find greater resilience, strength and ease in everyday actions such as bending and twisting. You will learn ways to maintain a health spine and prevent back injuries. By building a deep inner strength […]

Joy of Twists 1

Welcome to Joy of Twists 1 Learn to twist without the strain. Do you love yoga but struggle with twists? Are you amazed at people who easily turn themselves into knots? Did you know healthy spinal twisting is essential in everyday activities such as walking and running? This collection of online yoga classes that explores the role […]

Let’s Get Moving 1

Welcome to Let’s Get Moving 1 Exercise – without the punishment!  Do you want to feel more at home in your body, more grounded and less tired? This collection of online yoga classes will help keep grown-up bodies functioning well, muscles working and hearts healthy by holding postures longer and building up stamina. Each class […]

Super Gentle 1

Welcome to Super Gentle 1 You don’t have to be young or bendy to enjoy  yoga. This collection of yoga classes will help to keep grown-up bodies functioning well, joints moving and minds calm. It’s yoga to help you feel more at home in your body, more grounded and less tired. It won’t be a […]

Happy Hips 1

Welcome to Happy Hips 1 Look after your hips and your whole body will thank you! Do you often get back ache, tight shoulders or painful knees? Would you like to stop feeling so creaky? Did you know that improving functional movement in our hips can be the key to reducing pain elsewhere? This collection of […]

Yoga at Home Membership

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Monthly Members’ Area Welcome to your Yoga at Home Monthly Members’ Area.  Come here to find your yoga classes – live on Zoom each weekday and recorded to view whenever you have time. On this page you can access: live classes on Zoom   recordings of recent classes, organised by length, plus bonus classes just for members