Brixton Yogathon – we did it!

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It took over three hours, but we did it: 108 sun salutations on a bright Sunday morning raising money for the Prison Phoenix Trust, which supports yoga and meditation in prisons.

Thirteen of us – a mixture of yoga students and teachers – took part, dividing the 108 into nine sets of 12 rounds. Different teachers led sets in various styles, ranging from Iyengar, taught by Brixton Prison teacher Priscila Diniz, to Astanga Vinyasa, and quite a few in Sivananda style.

Nick got everyone in the mood by telling them a little of his own story: “I know how important yoga is in prison and what a difference it can make. I was out of control, a monster and yoga saved me from myself.”

The money is still coming in, but so far we’ve raised well over £1,000. If you would like to donate you can give direct to the Prison Phoenix Trust through the Justgiving website here.

Many, many thanks to Yoga Point for giving us the space – and huge congratulations to the yogis and yoginis: Mothiur Rahman, Ali Williams, Alicia Deale, Victoria Trower, Ainslie McLennan, Rowena Parsons, Nick Brewer, Sandra Jack, Terry Morin, Andrea Truscott, Priscila Diniz, Tamsin Gowney and me!

You can see more lovely pictures by Kate Stanworth here on my Facebook page.

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