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Yoga - Busting the Myths

What Yoga is not...

What Yoga is..

I teach four key elements of yoga that work for me:

Physical Postures and Movements

Everyone’s body is different – and without us knowing, tells the story of our lives. The aches and pains that arise over time are our battles scars! Yoga is here to help. It is different to other forms of exercise because by moving with awareness of breath and thoughts, we learn to recognise habits and develop ways of moving that balances effort with ease, strength with softness. This is a practice we can take off the mat and into the rest of our lives.

Restorative Yoga

This is a set of static yoga postures, held for longer periods, supported by props such a cushions and blankets. Relaxing into these postures with no muscular effort triggers the rest-and-digest part of our nervous system, bringing us a deep and healing rest. The results can be remarkable.

Yoga Nidra

This is a guided relaxation, practised lying down, that brings us into a deeply restful state somewhere between consciousness and sleep. It can be used to relax, to aid better sleep, and to clear the mind of its day-to-day clutter, sometimes bringing useful insights and creativity.

Breath and Meditation

If we’re alive, we’re breathing – and through yoga we can explore different ways of breathing, noticing their effect on us physically and mentally and opening up insights into how we’re feeling. The benefits of a daily meditation practice on our mood and mental health is well documented – and breath awareness is its foundation.