10 lessons for life from your yoga mat

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Yoga balance

They call yoga a “practice” for a reason; the things you discover with your body, mind and breath on the mat can often be lessons for life. Here are some from my own yoga journey:

  1. Less can be more
  2. It’s hard to experience the freedom of letting go if you don’t feel safe and stable
  3. To look after your body, look after your mind, and vice versa
  4. You can think too much; sometimes it’s better to just be, feel, and open up to what comes
  5. Balance is a dynamic process: from one minor adjustment to the next
  6. Another thing about balance – it requires strength
  7. To be supple, you need strength
  8. If you’re weak on the inside, you may be rigid on the outside
  9. Trust your intuition
  10. You’re capable of more than you think

My current project is to take yoga lessons like these and apply them to being a parent. They are relevant in so many ways. More of this in future posts, I’m sure, but meanwhile I’d love to hear your yoga lessons for life – particularly from mums and dads.

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